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Supporting Measurable and Sustainable Change
Open Roots Consulting was founded by Amanda Morita and Dan Fink in 2015. We provide Organization Development Consulting based on Open Source Principles and Grass Roots Values. We work with individuals, teams, organizations, and communities to build projects that are effective and sustainable. Our tools and guidance will help you achieve and sustain your vision from the ground up.

Consulting Framework


Whether we are working with an individual, a team, or an entire organization the first step is to build relationships. We need to get to know you, the vision that inspires your work, and the passion that drives you forward.


We need to learn about the context for your work. What’s been done so far and how did it turn out? How do you know your project will have the desired result? Who will be effected by your work?


We need to determine what resources will be required, what activities will be part of the process, and how to measure the results. Sustainable change comes from dynamic designs that can adapt as needed.


Evaluation involves developing measurement tools for both project effectiveness and long term changes. Evaluation is how you confirm that you are achieving your vision.

Mission & Values

Open Roots' Mission

Our mission is to offer strengths-based and impact-oriented consulting services for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.

We are committed to fostering interdependence and promoting social justice. We are guided by the principles of the open source movement and we are committed to the values of grass roots social change.

Open Roots' Inspiration

After years of education and work in non-profit organizations it became clear to us that there are countless amazing people, groups, and agencies with immense passion for their work, but a lack of tools, structure, and resources to accomplish their goals. We are inspired by everyone we have met and worked with so we want to support these visionaries to have the impact they are reaching for.

Open Roots' Values

Collaboration: We work with our clients to help them identify the solutions that work best for them.
Diversity: We value different contexts, experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds.
Inclusion: We invite all stakeholders to come to the table and have their voices heard.
Transparency: We believe in open and straightforward communication during and after the consultation process.

About Us



Founding Partner

Amanda Morita is a social science researcher, community psychologist, and organizational consultant. She specializes in leadership coaching and program development in the non-profit sector. Amanda has worked in non-profit social changes agencies for the last 13 years and has developed a passion for building healthier communities and organizations.

Amanda’s values and vision for healthy communities and organizations are based on the principles of human interdependence and sustainable collaboration. She is fueled by a desire to see the people of the world take better care of one another. Her education is the foundation upon which she continues to build her skills and expertise as an organizational consultant. She employs asset-based and strength focused methods and models in her work with communities and organizations.

Amanda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from CSU-San Bernardino and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Community Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.



Founding Partner

During the dot com movement of the nineties he worked as a computer and networking technician and by the turn of the century he was the manager of an information technology department at a large insurance company. Seeking to refocus his career on improving the well-being of others, he returned to academia and completed his Bachelors degree in Psychology with a focus on Cognitive Science at UCLA. Incorporating his technology experience with this degree, he went on do cognitive psychology research at UCLA. Striving to put these new skills to work in a community context, he continued his education and earned is Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Applied Community Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles. In addition to being a Founding Partner of Open Roots Consulting, Dan is also the Deputy Director of The Relational Center and an active board member of the South Robertson Neighborhoods Council.

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